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24. Effective Approaches to Fitness with Steve Washuta

October 13, 2022 Lynda Lippin Episode 24
The Pilates Goddess Podcast
24. Effective Approaches to Fitness with Steve Washuta
Show Notes

How happy am I to finally host my friend and fellow fitness professional, Steve Washuta from TrulyFit!

This conversation is useful for fitness professionals and for clients. We discuss what effective fitness training looks like, online vs. in person training, why simple is often best, and how to set yourself up for success, whatever that looks like.

Steve is offering listeners a free online consultation. Just DM him on Instagram, mention Pilates Goddess, and he'll hook you up!

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About Steve:
As a fitness author, video course creator, and certified personal trainer Steve Washuta has done it all in the fitness industry. After a post collegiate stint in the Public Relations field, Steve decided to pursue his passion full time in fitness. He has held dozens of fitness certifications including National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Specialist, and Corrective Exercise Specialist. With rave reviews and over 30,000 hours of experience in personal training and group fitness instruction, Steve has developed a passion to teach the tools needed to succeed as a fitness professional. His PR background coupled with his fitness experience set forth one overarching ideology in all his business practices, client relations.

Steve is the author of Fitness Business 101: What The Certifications Don’t Teach You, and the NASM-approved continuing education course in the same name. He has appeared in outlets such as Livestrong, AskMen, MyFitnessPal, Healthline, and Savannah Morning News.

Steve was born in New Jersey but has lived all over the country after graduating in 2008 from West Virginia University. His favorites fitness fads to both partake and teach are Muay Thai, TRX, and The Murph.

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